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Leah Dubin, CD

Owner, Lead Doula, Childbirth Education, and Lactation Advisor

My name is Leah Dubin and I live in Mississippi with my Husband and two dogs. I am a Jacksonville, FL Native- born and raised in Beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach (See Below!). After college and spending over 10 years helping to run businesses for others, working in Business Management and IT- I decided to practice what I was already preaching at home, leave that world and follow my birth worker dreams to become a Doula.

Even as a teenager I was always fascinated with the birth process- initially I had my eyes set on becoming a Midwife.  And though the medical side always interested me- what I found more interesting was the lack of emotional and informational support in the birthing community. The idea of women helping other women, helping them find their inner strength, and helping them understand their options in birth- no matter how that birth happens.  


Though I initially moved from Business Management and IT to working in Alternative Medicine, Doula work was truly my calling. I tell people I have the best job in the world, and I mean it! I get to watch women turn into mothers and babies come “Earthside” on a daily basis. It is a beautiful experience to say the least. Because my interest was truly more about supporting the birthing person emotionally and physically vs treating and diagnosing via the medical part of the process- the doula role was the perfect fit for me!

I am passionate about birth and about helping women to have a positive birth experience, however they envision that to be. As a doula, I am honored and privileged to be a part of a woman’s pregnancy and birth experience.  I love to see a mother empowered and able to trust her inner wisdom and draw upon her inner strength.  To witness a child’s birth is something that I deeply cherish and am truly grateful to experience each and every time.

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