Fan Favorite Products- Top 15! 2019

Here are my favorite products of 2019! If you are working on your baby registry or nearing the end of pregnancy wondering if you forgot anything, hopefully this can give you some ideas, fill in the blanks or give you a head start! Read on for more info!

Nose Frida by Fridababy

Ok seriously- this is nicknamed the snot sucker… and I know that grosses a lot of parents out, but when you have a new baby at home that is congested and you try one of those bulb syringes/aspirators 113 times and it doesn’t work? You will try ANYTHING just to get your little one breathing normally again! These are literally magic- every new mom I work with was disgusted by the idea of this little tool at first, then fell in love later! There is a filter to keep all germs and mucus from transferring- I promise its not as weird as it sounds… Give it a shot! Here’s a link to FridaBaby’s Site for more info!

Frida Momwasher

if you are a member of any new mom facebook groups, i know you have heard that the hospital peri bottle after a vaginal delivery is a lifesaver! in my humble opinion though, it is due for a bit of an upgrade! the frida momwasher is an upgraded version of the beloved hospital peri bottle with an angled tip to avoid some unneccessary postpartum gymnastics. another frida product my clients have absolutely loved. i highly recommend it! pro tip- ask your provider about filling it part of the way with alcohol free witch hazel for extra postpartum relief! here’s a link to fridababy’s site for more info!


have you heard of the haakaa yet? it’s a great manual breast pump to use when you are on the go, traveling, or when you don’t want to drag the whole electric pump out! also good for when you are nursing and don’t want to waste the let down on the other side! i don’t think i have had a client not use one of these yet! here’s a link to their website for more info and an option to purchase. bonus info- below the site link… check out the video that shows you the correct way to use the haakaa. most people use them wrong at first and get less than optimal results. this usually solves the issue!

Milkies Milk Savers

anyone who uses the term “never cry over spilled milk” lightly… has never breastfed a baby. seriously. breastmilk is liquid gold! and i don’t know a single new mom that is ok with wasting a single drop. that is where milkies come in! similar to the haakaa, milkies catch milk from the let down of the opposite breast and milk that is leaking in general so it does not go to waste in a nursing pad! from their website:

“The patented Milk-Saver collects your leaking breast milk as you nurse or pump – allowing you to store extra breast milk effortlessly with each feeding.”

Easy to use, simply slip the Milk-Saver into your bra-cup on the non-nursing side before you breastfeed. The Milk-Saver collects the milk that is leaked when your breast milk lets down. Once you’ve finished your breastfeeding session, simply transfer the collected milk into storage containers and keep it in the refrigerator or freezer to feed your baby at a later time.”

Here’s a link for more info!

My Brest Friend

an unsung hero in the breastfeeding world! the brest friend pillow has a strap to wrap around your back so it doesn’t shift,keeping your posture intact. it also is made of a sturdy yet soft foam so it doesn’t sink down leaving you with a squished pillow for support. they have a twin version for moms of multiples, and they also have a pocket for a water bottle or nipple cream so that everything is always readily available. highly recommend! Check out their site!

Jade Roller

So this one I have to admit is one of my favorites but i feel it is a winner for pregnancy and postpartum as well! Most women when growing a tiny human (or taking care of one!) forget to find a few minutes a day for self care. I feel that the jade roller is a good tool to carry around to help with tension/hormonal headaches, roll some face serum on your face, relieve jaw tension (anyone else grind their teeth like me?), and have a few minutes of quick self care once a day. i own multiple and carry one in my doula bag and feel they are seriously valuable! plus they are pretty! use crystals at home? be sure to charge yours once a month! link below!

Motherlove Diaper Balm

i have never had so many mothers swear by one product than I have with this diaper cream. i admin more than 5 facebook groups and it is a fan favorite across the board there and with my clients! women have even found other ways to use this beyond diaper changes (many swear by it for thrush among other things)! 😂😂😂 highly recommend even for the toughest rashes, and it is safe for cloth diapering moms! check it out!

Smartypants Prenatal Gummies

many of you know that i myself am trying to conceive. I have been pretty public about my infertility journey! i believe a prenatal is a good idea for most women and given new research regarding mthfr, i am a big believer in using folate vs folic acid! i also have quite the history with getting sick from supplements and foods… so most prenatals were not an option for me. hello, who thought a fishy tasting supplement was good for a woman with morning sickness? gross! these have been great for me- no getting sick and they actually taste pretty great! mthfr approved and available at major retailers (target, Whole Foods, Amazon!). reasonably priced too! here’s a link for more info!

Zipadee-Zip Sleep Sack

swaddle failure like me?? ok ok i’m alright at it… but it is definitely not my favorite thing to do… ready to quit swaddling but don’t feel good about a loose blanket around your little one’s face yet? zipadee-zip is the answer! sleep sacks are a total winner for all of the above situations. better sleep for baby means better sleep for you too! my clients love them! this one is absolutely a fan favorite! link below!

Earth Mama Perineal Spray

so we talked about the value of the peri bottle above (10 stars to the frida momwasher!), but what about in between bathroom breaks? your answer? earth mama perineal spray. this spray is all natural, herbal, and chemical free vs many other options on the market. seriously great stuff that many of my clients refuse to leave the house without! great for postpartum soreness and inflammation. you will absolutely heal- but this might help along the way. ps- i prefer a spray over a balm for convenience and ease of use… fun fact- works for hemorrhoids too- so might be worth buying during pregnancy to give it a shot before labor! more info at the link below!

Pink Stork Magnesium Mist

looking for a magnesium supplement that doesn’t make your bathroom visits during pregnancy even more frequent than they already are? check out pink stork magnesium mist! my clients have had success using magnesium for everything from leg cramps to morning sickness during pregnancy and pink stork is definitely a fan favorite. available at every mom’s favorite store- target! it comes highly recommended from the moms i serve! here’s more info on ingredients and more!

Bamboobies Reusable Bamboo Breast Pads


Mama Strut

a brace postpartum is so helpful for abdominal and back support and helping accelerate postpartum recovery. tons of studies all over the place! the mama strut is the most mother friendly support on the market in my opinion- and all of my clients have gotten theirs covered by insurance thus far! highly recommend this- for moms, made by moms… and with spots for heat and ice and pads- you can tell no man designed this.

From their website: “Mama Strut is a wearable soft brace that is uniquely engineered to deliver heat/ice therapy to reduce birth pain, swelling and cramping from vaginal deliveries, c-sections and vaginal prolapse, while also supporting the back and abdomen with multi-directional adjustable compression.”  more on there website:

Spectra S1/S2 Breast Pumps

though i think that breast pumps are unique fits not one size fits all… i have not had a single client that has not had success with their spectra! most insurance companies will cover this for free or a small fee- and if another pump has not worked for you, this is a good one to try! give it a shot. only difference between the s1 and s2 is one is rechargeable and one is not! visit their site for more info.

Water Wipes

have a baby with sensitive skin? wipes that use the least chemicals possible are the winner in that situation! water wipes are your answer! these are available everywhere and sensitive enough for even the most delicate skin. you can use them for wiping messy faces or anything else that needs cleaning too! love these for babies with a diaper rash- it doesn’t hurt them when you are cleaning them up! here’s more info on them and where to buy!

Hopefully this gives you a head start on that baby registry- or helps you check your stash at home before leaving for the hospital to make sure you didn’t forget anything. If you have any questions, shoot me an email!


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