Our Favorite Family Friendly Restaurants in Central Mississippi

We can see you now- Tired, Hungry, Forgot to go grocery shopping again… Staring Blankly into your refrigerator seeing no options that would not require someone from Master Chef to create… Kids complaining they are hungry, Dad still isn’t home from work. Totally Exhausted- Feeling Defeated.

Solution? Well, Marie Antoinette said “Let Them Eat Cake” didn’t she? That’ll work right? Ok, maybe not. Those sugar levels might possibly make it all worse.

Real Solution? Go out to eat! And yes- we mean WITH your kids. Check out our Top 5 Family Friendly Restaurants in Central Mississippi that were MADE just for nights like this.

1) Sal and Mookie’s-

Ok not gonna lie this place is great for kids and adults alike. Love NY Style Pizza with a friendly attitude? This is your place! Their Customer Service is top-notch, they have cocktails AND mocktails for pregnant moms and anyone else who doesn’t want the alcohol. Most importantly- they have a KILLER Ice Cream selection!!! (we highly recommend the Chocolate Strawberry Delight!) Nothing more kid friendly than pizza and ice cream!

565 Taylor Street Jackson, Mississippi 39216


2) Georgia Blue-

With multiple locations, Georgia Blue is convenient to most in The Greater Jackson Area. With great food for adults and cool kids meals served on frisbees that the kids can take home- its a hit for families and adults alike! We love their burgers and Caesar salad if you need a recommendation. Also- kudos to GB for having EIGHT options on the kids menu for even the pickiest eaters!

Multiple locations in Central MS!


3) McClain’s-

Ok- when it comes to kid friendly… It doesn’t get much better than a restaurant with a farmer’s market, safari and petting zoo. Make it an all day event and take the kids to shop or hang with the animals after you eat! Fun for all- good food and reasonable prices. Buffet and Menu options both available.

874 Holly Bush Road Brandon, MS 39047


4) The Feathered Cow-

Ever had butter fries? They are absolutely as good as they sound! The Feathered Cow has awesome burgers, sandwiches, fries, dessert, YOU NAME IT! The food is absolutely kid approved and the atmosphere is super laid back. A great addition near The Rez. Bonus Points- Free “Bandit Plate” with a knife and fork to share with mom and dad!

1040 Spillway Circle, Brandon MS 39047


5) Babalu-

Tacos anyone? I mean who doesn’t love tacos? Babalu is a great restaurant right in the heart of Fondren with great food and a wonderful atmosphere! A great place where you can relax and the kids can enjoy at the same time! Pro Tip- Check out their Tapas Menu if you can’t decide on one thing to eat!!!

622 Duling Avenue Jackson, MS 39216