How To Bed Rest Like A Boss

Laughing already at the title of this one? Yeah, I know- bed rest is the worst. Especially when it happens MONTHS before delivery. Unfortunately, my clients deal with this fairly often. But- I want you all to know there are ways to survive it!!!!

Here are some things to do to avoid the boredom and not go crazy until baby makes their grand entrance earthside.

  • Netflix and Chill- ok, I know this one sounds obvious… but really- BINGE SOME NETFLIX GIRL! Relax, put your feet up, drink lots of water and spend a day or two catching up on that series you really wanted to watch!

  • Retail Therapy- most of the time my clients aren’t quite done with their baby prep when the dreaded bed rest conversation happens… You would be surprised at just how much you can accomplish with a laptop and Amazon!

  • Self-Care- when’s the last time you took a bath, shaved, actually put lotion on after, put on a face mask, did your nails? Hair mask? Now is a great time to focus on doing all those extra beauty things you probably were too busy for prior to bed rest. Soak it up lady!

  • Catch up with old friends- are you bad about losing touch with people? Not calling often enough? Bed Rest is a great time to catch up with those friends from college, Aunt Jane, or even Grandma! Whether it’s via snail mail, email, or a phone call… Now is a great time!

  • Write letters to baby- ok, I’m sure I already lost a few of you here… but really, this is a great distraction. Cool Idea Alert* Make a free email account with your kiddo’s name on it! Start emailing little notes, thoughts, and photos to it. You can keep this going as long as you want! When your little one hits a certain age, (16? 18?) give them the password and let them have all of those memories!! How cool is that??

  • Scrapbook- got photos from your pregnancy and baby shower? What about those wedding photos that are still laying there waiting? Now is a great time to scrapbook or put photos into albums.

  • If you haven’t already, design baby’s Birth Announcements! Get everything ready to go minus time, length, and weight! Then once baby is born, you can just throw those numbers in and send them off to be printed! Pro Tip- The Canva App has some really cute options!

  • SLEEP! trust me, once baby is here- sleep is not quite the same. Use this time to rest and recharge as much as possible. It will help you be healthier and happier when baby arrives!

  • Create a postpartum plan. Have you discussed who is going to do what postpartum while you bond with your new little one? Have you considered a postpartum doula? Now is the time! Create a written game plan of who is handling laundry, pets, dishes, meals and more so you don’t have to worry about it later!

Finally, don’t feel pressured to entertain company while on bed rest. This is your time to relax, so unless they are helping with chores or paying your bills- you do not owe them an invitation (even then- you still don’t!). Stress does not help the situation so anything you can do to avoid it, INCLUDING avoiding visitors that drive you nuts is ideal.

If you have a doula and are struggling with bed rest and how to stay busy- call her! She will have some great ideas too! Midwives are great for this also. Even your doctor can probably give some great suggestions!

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