Cool Road Trips From Central MS

My close friends know that I have been traveling all over the country over the past month or two- from New Orleans to New York, Pittsburgh to Nashville, Jackson to Kansas City and so far… all via car! And I have seen some pretty cool stuff!!

What I didn’t know, is that there are some really awesome places that are very drive-able from the greater Jackson area! If you are like me and itching to get out of Mississippi with OR without the kids before school is back in session… here are some places with TONS to do that you can easily drive to!

  1. New Orleans: this one is more of an adults trip, BUT there is plenty to see for kids and adults alike. I swear I could go back every weekend and spend months not seeing everything there is to see! 2-3 hours from Jackson depending on where exactly you live, and totally worth the drive!

  2. Memphis: a quick jaunt north of Jackson, Memphis is another winner. Graceland, Elvis’s home is there- as is the National Civil Rights Museum. Looking to take the kids to a zoo that’s a little better than what MS has to offer? The Memphis Zoo is where it’s at! Good food and lots of things to do and see for kids and adults. Another winner.

  3. Pensacola Beach: My personal favorite beach trip- the Emerald Coast is where it’s at! White sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water. Can’t ask for much more. Take it from me though- wear your sunscreen or protective clothing. I’ve suffered quite a few burns on those beaches! Hydrate!!!

  4. Orange Beach: Though I haven’t been to this one yet (just driven through), I’m told this is the best, closest beach in relation to Jackson. Similar to the beaches in Pensacola- beautiful gulf waters and very family friendly (but a tad closer!).

  5. Nashville: The home of country music (if you are into that!). Plenty to do for adults and kids alike. Great food and the weather is a tad cooler if you are looking to escape the humidity!

Some pro tips I learned along the way…

  • Gas Buddy is wonderful for finding the best gas prices wherever you are. Download the app- it’s free!

  • Bring a few cases of water with you- NOTHING is worse than paying $3 a bottle for water when you stay in a hotel!

  • Pack some healthy snacks or trail mix… Even if you love Cheetos and Energy Drinks (I admit I do!), after a while- they get really really old.

  • Line up some podcasts, XM Radio, Spotify Playlists, or burn CD’s for the trip. Radio is spotty through 95% of Mississippi and beyond it seems!

  • Bring extra underwear and an extra shirt or two… You seriously don’t want to be debating whether you are gonna stay another day to go to that really fun theme park because you ran out of clean clothes. I know this one seems obvious- but I clearly needed that reminder when I was out buying t-shirts last trip… LOL

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the ride! Half the fun are the sights you see along the way! Road trips are a great way to have good conversation and see new things. Take it slow and stop when you need to rest, and you will have a great time!