All About Inductions and Due Dates


🤰Let’s talk inductions, patience, self-care and trusting our bodies when expecting!

°°°INDUCTIONS: According to a study done in 2013, more than 4 out of every 10 mothers in the US stated their care providers tried to induce labor vs allowing it to begin naturally. Out of the mothers who were successfully induced, 44% were induced because they were CLOSE to their due date, 18% because of a providers concerns that the mother was OVERDUE.°°°

°However 40 weeks is JUST A NUMBER. Do you know what the actual statistics are on due dates? Here are some facts from a study done over FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!°

°50% of first time mothers give birth by 40 weeks 5 days. (Subsequent births- 40 weeks 3 days)*

°75% of first time mothers give birth by 41 weeks 2 days. (Subsequent births- 41 weeks)°

°This means that a traditional estimated due date is VERY FREQUENTLY incorrect!°

▪This is where TRUSTING YOUR BODY comes in! Our bodies were built for this! You have a 75% chance per the science for labor to begin by 41 weeks 2 days! And since most providers agree that up to AT LEAST 42 weeks is safe… your odds are truly even higher! Researchers have found that 90% of mothers give birth by 44 weeks after their last menstrual period!▪

¤ Although some inductions are medically necessary… If there is no medical indication for induction, and mom and baby are safe… Think about letting baby hang out a bit longer! Instead of worrying about ways to get baby out faster… BE PATIENT! Let your body do its job and all of the work! Babies have their own timetable and only like to come when they are ready! ¤

♡Rest up, eat 🍽, hydrate a lot 🥛, and enjoy a ton of SELF-CARE! You have earned it mama! Now is your time for extra naps 😴, pedicures 💅, prenatal yoga🙏, a massage💆‍♀️, acupuncture🌿 or anything else that makes you feel happy and relaxed!♡

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