All About Chiropractic Care. Before, During, and After Pregnancy

I have been SO late to post this blog post! A while back I reached out to a local Webster Certified Chiropractor, Dr. Shiquita White for an interview on Chiropractic Care and how it can help mothers and babies! She responded with some wonderful answers to my questions- and I slacked on getting everything up on the blog!

First off- what is chiropractic care?

“Chiropractic care is health maintenance of the spinal column, discs, related nerves and bone geometry without drugs or surgery. It involves the art and science of adjusting misaligned joints of the body, especially of the spine, which reduces spinal nerve stress and therefore promotes health throughout the body.”

I often recommend chiropractic to mothers for numerous things. Keeping your body well adjusted can truly help pregnancy back and neck pain and make for an easier delivery. It also can be known to help baby’s positioning- avoiding or turning breech and transverse babies in many cases.

A lot of people ask me if it’s safe and what they should look for in a chiropractor. For families, I highly recommend a chiropractor that is “Webster Certified,” this means that the chiropractor has trained in numerous hours specializing in pregnant women. These chiropractors are trained to work specifically with pelvic balance in pregnancy!

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Now for some great info straight from Dr. White!

About Dr. White:

Dr. Shiquita White was born and raised in Mississippi, with a passion to serve the masses through principled and specific chiropractic care. She has over 8 years of education in the health and science field. She graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi in 2014, with a bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology/Science. Her journey through chiropractic school opened her mind, as well as spiritually, to the power each of us have locked inside of us. With passion, strong group of friends, determination, and the willingness to let God use her, she continues her mission to get people the hell out of the hospital and on a journey to unlocking a life full of vitality, and living the way God designed us to, at 100% of our potential.

Dr. Quita currently runs a home-based family practice, meeting families where they are, in their home. Her favorite part of being a family chiropractor are the moments when the kids in her practice pretend to be chiropractors! Her goal is to help families raise healthy and happy kiddos, and that’s done by changing the mindset of where health comes from in the first place. It is not in the hospitals, it lies inside of our nervous system, and needs no interference to heal.

1) Chiropractic Training

In order to become a nervous system doctor aka a doctor of chiropractic, I completed 8 years of schooling. While in chiropractic school I was trained by awesome masters in pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care. Dr. Patrick Montgomery who taught me extensively on Logan Basic Technique, a technique which Webster technique is derived from. These two techniques have had tremendous success in restoring optimal nerve flow and pelvic alignment in order to prevent malpositions of baby(s) that occurs during pregnancy. Dr. Muriel Perillat, who ran a thriving home based pediatric practice in France, mentored me on the business of chiropractic. I now am able to offer families the best kept secret in health care that’s affordable, effective, and safe for every member of the family. Dr. Mary Unger-Boyd, who has mastered the art of the SOT technique (Sacral Occipital Technique), a tonal technique that is perfect for kids and adults that can not handle manual adjustments (high velocity). SOT is perfect for kids and adults with sensory/learning disorders and/or physical disabilities. No matter the technique, behind every adjustment I give my mindset is not on covering up the symptoms, which is the focus of the majority of western medicine’s practice. I am a doctor of cause. The cause is the cure.

2) Chiropractic, Labor Pains, and Pregnancy


Studies on backaches have discovered that over 50% of all women complain of lower back pain during pregnancy, with the sacroiliac joints of the pelvis being most commonly affected. In a hospital study that incorporated chiropractic adjustments during the patient’s pregnancy resulted in a 50% decrease in the need for painkillers during birth! Where does the pain come from? So much of our health is affected by the spine and the nerves that leave it.

Maintaining the integrity, flexibility, and strength of the entire spinal column with chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate back pain due to an accumulation of events and changes mom experiences before and during pregnancy: past accidents, increase breast size, increase in hormones that relaxes pelvic muscles to prepare the body for birth, which leads to pubic and pelvic pain.


  1. 100% Communication-proper brain-body communication

  2. Proper nest for baby- a perfect pelvic alignment where all the muscles, fascia (tissue) and ligaments are not too tight and allows baby to have room to turn and play inside mom (Billionaire Parenting).

  3. Oxygen- the rib cage is susceptible to mis-alignments which can make breathing difficult and decreases oxygen flow to your baby.

  4. 100% Functioning Digestive System- baby will get ⅓ of what you eat. In order to digest, uptake, and send nutrients to your baby the nerves must have full connections to those organs to work properly. (Most foods we consume are deficient in the nutrients we need to grow and stay strong. So keep this in mind on everything you put at the end of your fork during pregnancy to ensure both you and baby(s) are being well nourished).

  5. Clean living- most of what you consume crosses the placenta...if most of what you are consuming and coming in contact with are toxic (fast food, sugar, drinks, cleaning products, medications) goes to your baby. Ask yourself: Is my baby developing in a cesspool of toxins, or a clean environment? Would you cook your food in a dirty pot? Why would you grow a human being in one?

Labor Pains:

I hear all of the time, from expecting and experienced moms, that they are terrified of the pain of childbirth. Now, we can get into the psycho-social aspects of this another time but I just want to get you thinking where does the fear originate? Did you grow up watching women “deliver” on television laying on their back, legs up in the air while baby is attempting to descend down the birth canal AGAINST gravity? Have you, your children, or doctor ever seen a truly natural, God designed birth in a dark, quiet and peaceful atmosphere? Our perception of everything matters, including the way a woman experiences labor and birth.

3) Chiropractic and Safe Birth

“As long as baby is alive that’s all that matters”. This is NOT the only thing that matters. We have to put energy into bringing new human beings into this world a more safe and gentle way. Chiropractors understand the concept of the power that made the body heals the body. We know that your baby knows the best way and time to be enter into earth side, parents just have to trust in that innate intelligence. The result of putting our trust to birth into a fear based system that is set up to trust machines, monitors, and procedures has lead to an increase in birth injuries, trauma and deaths. A baby’s position in-utero significantly affects the chances of having a safe and gentle birth.

Chiropractic care has had tremendous success in correcting foetal malposition and malpresentation in pregnancy and even while mother is laboring. Malpositions are considered to be any position that’s not ideal for baby to enter and pass through the birth canal effectively, such as: Breech, asynclitic, and posterior. Malpositions makes labor and birthing more difficult and painful for both mom and baby(babies).

One of my life goals to have a chiropractor at every birth checking babies immediately after birth for nerve interference. The amount of pressure a chiropractor uses to adjust a baby is the pressure of a dime.

There is a time and place for medical and surgical interventions, it just should be the very last resort, not the first.

4) Chiropractic and Breastfeeding

I have to set the record straight. Chiropractic does not cure anything. The chiropractic profession is built on removing the cause of what interferes with the body healing itself, which is vertebral subluxation. When there is nerve interference in the spine, mom’s body cannot produce enough milk, baby cannot suckle effectively, constant ear infections and colic issues develop, and the list of SYMPTOMS continues. I am not a symptom relief doctor. I am a doctor of cause. I am a nervous system doctor. If subluxation is the cause of any issue, then the body will heal itself when the interference is removed from the nerve system through the chiropractic adjustment.

5) Safety Regarding Chiropractic


The New Zealand government’s “Commission of Inquiry into Chiropractic” concluded that, “Spinal adjusting is a vital, very safe and clinically effective form of healthcare. Chiropractors have more thorough training in spinal mechanics and spinal care than any other health profession. Furthermore, chiropractic is scientifically-based.”

6) Chiropractic for Newborns


Ideally the best time to get a chiropractic newborn check up is actually while they are still in the womb. It has already been proven that baby experiences EVERYTHING that mom experiences. All of the thoughts, toxins, and trauma that mom comes into contact with, the baby will also be affected. This is so important because her/his nervous system development is now compromised.

STRESS. We all experience every moment of our lives, even our babies and kiddos. The subluxation is stress on the central nervous system (aka your brain). Subluxations are caused by what we call the 3T’s: Thoughts, Toxins, and Trauma.

Thoughts are the mental stress one experiences which may result from work or relationship pressures, causing ligaments and muscles to tighten. Now, you may be thinking “My child or what child has mental stress?”. Great question. It’s already been proven that while in the womb babies experience EVERYTHING, every emotion that mom does. Are you thinking back to your pregnancy now? What were your dominant stressors and emotions while carrying and developing your baby? If this stress is sustained, our body undergoes significant physiological changes, such as increased blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, cholesterol and many more (Dr.Jennifer, pg. 505).

Toxins are chemical stress including everything from too much alcohol, sugar, baby formula, preservatives to breathing environmental pollutants, and the lotions and baby powder we put on our baby’s skin. All of toxins (especially if they are constantly bombarding one’s system on a daily basis) causes subluxation and disrupts optimal nerve system development.

The last factor that contributes to the necessity of a chiropractic newborn check up is the physical stress a baby experiences. In the past month alone I have had 3 newborns with BIRTH TRAMAS! Unfortunately, Mississippi has one of the highest cesarean rates in the country. Which means our babies are being born against gravity with a force strong enough to cause a grade two whiplash injury in that newborn’s head, neck, and spine.  And how many of those newborns are being checked by a pediatric chiropractor immediately after birth? How many of those babies not checked are having issues doing what a baby is designed to do: eat, sleep, and poop? And how many of those babies don’t live to see their first born day due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)? If you didn’t know, Mississippi also leads the way in SIDS rate in the country. I’ll let that sit so you can wake up and start thinking about the trauma and stress your kids have already been through.

7) Chiropractic Lifestyle

I always get this reaction from a new practice member after they receive their first healing adjustment: “Is that it?”.  We have been brought up (brainwashed) in a society that thinks it takes so many pills, so many shots, creams, potions, and lotions that we have forgotten the innate wisdom of the body to heal itself from inside-out no matter the dis-ease. The most important thing ANY chiropractor will ever do is deliver the specific scientific adjustment AFTER he or she educates that person on the power of their body’s ability to heal.

At God Family Chiropractic Center, education out-weights the adjustment. My goal is to help people help themselves. I have taken care of so many families that live a WEAK and destructive lifestyle because they have been feed the ideas of: you’re broken, you can’t heal, you can’t control the food you put on the end of your fork, you can’t birth without the aid of a doctor, you can’t breastfeed without supplementation, you can’t even die without being monitored by someone making sure you’re doing that right!

I attract families who are ready to LIVE and THRIVE at their 100%. They are ready to live the chiropractic lifestyle of eating well, thinking well, moving well, sleeping well, and staying well adjusted.

One of the most important questions I’ve ever been asked as a doctor of chiropractic was “Do you do this? Do you do what you are suggesting?”. We have a lot of people selling us information, products, drugs, surgeries that they would not do or take themselves nor advise their family members to. I absolutely follow my own recommendations for chiropractic care and the chiropractic lifestyle because I am living and serving my community on purpose.

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