Best Edible Plants for a MS Summer Garden!


Ready to Get Your Hands Dirty?

Our very favorite thing to do in MS outside of work is to get dirty in the garden! With the kids getting out of school soon, gardening could be a fun activity for the whole family! Educational too! Hello, Pinterest Mom of the Year!

Even though today last year, we were still living in a hotel finishing up our 45 day hotel stay after a move a few states away from Florida… By June- you bet we had a nice garden started. Luckily for us, this year we started seeds in JANUARY and got things started for a nice edible container garden this summer!

Not everyone wants to go all out like us and grow things that can be a little testy… So we wanted to give you our top plants that are easy AND successful here in MS so you can grow your own food this summer! PS- if you are feeling adventurous and want to start your garden from seeds… check out Baker Creek Seeds online!

  1. Tomatoes- A fan favorite across the country to grow outside in the summer- tomatoes can be really easy to grow and there are SO MANY varieties! We have Black Krim, Rainbow Cherry, and Cherokee Purple all growing this summer in the backyard! (The Black Krims have been going CRAZY!) Pro Tip- put a teaspoon or so of epsom salt in the dirt when you plant your tomatoes. They love it! If you haven’t already started seeds, you may want to go ahead and buy starter plants for these.

  2. Cucumbers- I am seriously in love with cucumbers… maybe to the point I have a bit of a problem. They are crispy, hydrating, and I love that fresh taste! Unlike our track record in FL with cucumbers, they are growing STRONG here in MS! We highly recommend giving them a shot! Love pickles? Grow some pickling cucumbers and ferment the extras for cheap probiotics! We grow Dill nearby to throw in the jar for homemade dill pickles! Try this kit if you want to start trying your hand at fermenting. Doing it the old fashioned way is just too much work!

  3. Mint- ANYTHING in the mint family will grow like crazy here! On that note- because it grows SO well, I highly recommend planting it in a container. Mint will take over if you let it! We have Catnip, Spearmint, and Lemon Balm all doing wonderfully this summer already! More than we will ever use to be honest- so find a friend who likes Mojitos to give your extras to!

  4. Peppers- Last year we had Jalapeños that were growing until AT LEAST October. We didn’t know what to do with them all! This year we are growing some Caribbean Red Hot Peppers and Bell Peppers and both are coming along quite nicely! Unlike us, peppers love the heat!

  5. Zucchini- This is our first year growing zucchini- and I think it will be staying in the rotation! We have it in a container and ONE SEED has produced a 3ft tall, 3ft wide (at least) zucchini plant with almost no effort. It is blossoming every day and we have at least 3 zucchinis already over 4-5” long! I have a feeling we are gonna be very sick of zucchini here soon…

Lacking a lot of space? Believe it or not- our entire garden is in containers. We use grow bags and organic soil with compost in it to get things growing well! Even in small spaces, you CAN garden! Until two years ago, we had our garden growing on apartment and condo porches very successfully! Just be sure to water and make sure your plants are getting enough sun and you will do just fine! Link to the grow bags we use on the bottom!

If you are in Central Mississippi and haven’t gotten your garden started from seeds yet this year, I highly recommend a visit to Rivers Greenhouse in Brandon. They have tons of plants both edible and not- indoor and outdoor. They are only open until June 4th- but their prices and quality CANNOT be beat! Seriously, they are amazing! I’d give them 10 stars if I could!