Labor and Birth Doula Support

Birth, Phone, Email, Text, Prenatal and postpartum support

Includes a one-on-one prenatal session where we discuss your birth plan, special wishes, and how to achieve your best birth ever. A list of recommended local resources to better assist you in building an amazing birth and postpartum healing team (i.e. birth classes, birth photographers, chiropractors, and any other info requested. Let me do the busy work for you! Sit back and relax. I have your resources.) A couples session to explain some techniques and tricks to you and your birth partner to relieve your labor discomfort (can be virtual or in person) Phone and virtual support from the date hired until the "fourth trimester" and beyond, aka 6 months postpartum. (Having issues with breastfeeding? Want to know you're not losing your mind? This new life transition is difficult and having a birth professional at your fingertips can ease your mind.) All of my specialized client handouts with evidence based information. Access to lending library. No matter how you choose to birth, you will be fully supported unconditionally without judgement or bias.

Summary: Phone, Email, and Text Support from the minute your contract is signed. 1-2 Prenatal Visits with you and/or your significant other. Complete Birth Support with an emergency backup doula always available. 1 Postpartum Visit to check on mom and baby and help with any issues that may arise in the early newborn period. Phone, Email and Text Support continues until 6 months postpartum. 


Dinner With A Doula

dinner (With leftovers!) and 4 hours of postpartum Support

A great gift for new moms! We bring a large dinner (with leftovers!), take care of your new arrival while you eat, and spend 4 hours supporting you in any way you may need postpartum including breastfeeding questions, setting up a nursery or other room with you, answering any and all questions any of the family may have and referring you to local resources for those we cannot answer. The night ends with a clean kitchen (courtesy of us!) and all of our contact information for any future needs.


Infertility Doula Services

Support through IVF and other fertility treatments.

Contact me for payment options regarding fertility services.

Flexible package in addition to or independent of my standard birth and postpartum services. We give unlimited phone, text and email support with the option to attend your appointments with you for extra support during the very trying process that is infertility treatment. We have a strong passion for this work and are happy to customize these packages to suit the needs of the mother trying to conceive.


Birth Strategy Session

Phone or skype- birth planning session.

Need help getting your birth plan together? Have concerns or wonderings that you feel are holding you back from your best birth? A 60-90 Minute phone or skype session for you to get past your fears and plan the birth of your dreams. We provide a sample birth plan to work from in advance so that we can work through it together and you can ask me questions regarding all things birth so that you know what your options are and feel completely confident in your decisions! 


Bereavement Services

In-Person or Services by phone

always free- donations accepted

Knowing the struggles of loss intimately, we found it very important to support mothers facing a loss. Because of this, Leah Dubin, CD became a Certified Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula to better support mothers navigating this extremely difficult time. She comes to the hospital night or day to support a woman suffering through a loss- and we do not believe in charging a fee for this service. We never want a woman to worry about affording support during what might be the most challenging time of her life. All losses matter no matter the trimester. Please don't go through it alone! Contact us today if we can help in any way- in-person or by phone.







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