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Online Resources

Great Resources that can help you have your best birth yet.

Pregnancy Resources:

Improving Birth Coalition:

Pain to Power:

Henci Goer’s Informed Choices in Childbirth:

Lamaze Research Blog: Science and Sensibility:

Childbirth Connection:

Evidence Based Birth:

Mothers Naturally:

Respectful Maternity Care; The Universal Rights of Childbearing Women:

VBAC and Cesarean Information:


VBAC Facts:

International Cesarean Awareness Network:

Information About Providers, Hospitals, and More in Your Area:

The Birth Survey:

Childbirth Education Classes:

***Feel free to reach out to me for recommendations on classes closest to you!***

ProDoula Childbirth Education:

The Bradley Method:




Birthing From Within:


Bringing Baby Home New Parents Workshop:


La Leche League International:

Kelly Mom:

Baby GooRoo:

Uppity Science Chick:

LactMed- NIH Site on Medication Use While Breastfeeding:

Postpartum Resources:

Ask Dr. Sears:

University of Notre Dame Mother Baby Sleep Lab:

Postpartum Support International:

Attachment Parenting International:

Baby Led Weaning: