Our Philosophy


We believe a mother will birth best where she feels safe, comfortable and relaxed. This may be in a traditional hospital, birthing center, or even her own home. We believe her doula should be someone she feels completely comfortable, relaxed and safe with- therefore we believe that your doula should absolutely be a personality fit for you!

We believe every birthing family should have accessible evidence-based information regarding all prenatal, childbirth, postpartum, and baby care procedures. This information should remain non-biased based on medical studies wherever they are available.

We believe that we need to trust that our bodies- whether that means in pregnancy, birth or recovery during the postpartum period. We truly encourage our clients to listen to their bodies the same way they listen and trust their medical providers. If something feels wrong- there is a good chance that something just might be! Whether that is during pregnancy, birth, or “overdoing it” postpartum.

We believe birth is not necessarily an illness that requires “treatment.” However, we also support women without bias who choose to seek intervention or require medical interventions that are oftentimes life saving. We also believe that every birth is unique and there are NO one-size-fits-all answers for any pregnant person.

We believe that a due date is an approximation or a guess, not an expiration date and that the average pregnancy lasts longer than 40 weeks. Especially in a first time mother. Very few women go into labor on their due date spontaneously, and we support a woman who elects to allow her body and baby extra time when it is safe to do so.

We believe a partner should be just as involved in the birth as the one birthing. A doula is there for the partner as well as part of the birth team. Not a replacement for the partner. We believe that birth works best when we are all part of a team- and we like to help a woman find her inner strength so that she and her partner can make empowered, informed decisions vs advocating FOR her and hiding that inner strength.

We believe a doula should not be biased or push their own agenda onto the family. We believe it is YOUR birth and we support you in YOUR choices. If that choice is elective induction, cesarean section, an epidural or anything else- we vow to give you evidence based information without personal bias. We will work with you and your provider to help you understand all risks vs benefits and make the decision that is best for you personally.

We believe that a mother should be free of guilt, no matter what her decisions are regarding interventions, lifestyle choices, or other procedures. We aim to be safe, judgement-free spaces for ALL birthing mothers, regardless of how they birth. Building relationships and community is a big focus of ours. We don’t disappear after birth. We aim to be a phone call or text away for all of the mothers we work with for as long as they need us.


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