(Lots of Really Cute Babies and Moms Included!!!)

Leah is amazing! I contacted Leah to setup a meet and great to see if we were a good fit. We clicked, she was easy going but to the point with what she needed and expected from our relationship! Yes.... relationship!

You see, instead of calling your obgyn because of that ache or that horrible nausea you tell your doula and they guide you. Leah was available 24/7 (you remember hurricane Irma? This amazing Doula did NOT evacuate, she stayed with me and helped me through my labor/birthing) No matter the time of day she ensured I completely understood what was going on with my body and baby.

She came to my prenatal appointments, did extra research for my medical conditions and ensured I was fully aware of my options. Leah did not push her beliefs or judge me for the birthing experience I wanted!!!


Let’s talk about the hospital experience!!! This is why you NEED a Doula! Nurses and doctors throw so much medical terminology at you and make you think that you have to do something when in fact you don’t!I had no idea what I could and couldn’t deny as far as treatment. Doctors wanted to start the most invasive treatment for being induced but Leah was there to walk me through it and start from the bottom and work our way up! I was a first time momma with no idea what labor was going to be like, I have a complicated medical history and knew that I didn’t want family in the room. There would only be so much my husband could do for me and I didn’t want to kill him in the process of bringing our bundle of joy into the world! Leah ensured the nurses and doctors had a copy of my birthing plan. Best part is...just because it was on my list didn’t mean I couldn’t change my mind!! Oh I don’t want an epidural.fast forward to 20 plus hours in labor...give me the drugs! Give me the drugs! Leah ensured I had whatever I needed ...nursing staff didn’t want me to have food (even though it’s actually encouraged now), guess who made sure I had food, Leah!

The list could go on for days what my Doula did for me. I still ask her questions to this day. The best part is after birth she was still calling and coming over to check up on us!!!!!! When you’re a new momma you have lots of questions! Am I doing this right, is this okay? She doesn’t hang in the towel when you give birth!

I highly recommend this gal whether this is your first or fifth child.

- Monica, Jacksonville



Leah was made for this work, she is caring, knowledgable and will keep you confident during your birth - doula Work is absolutely in her blood. Having her as your doula, you can rest assure that she is your cheerleader, superwoman, good-vide tribe, catalyst, and support system. You can expect 100% unconditional support from Leah no matter what choice you make- she will make sure you have informed consent with benefits, risks, alternatives and more. This woman and nobody else- is who I would trust more to support me in birth and beyond. I want Leah by my side through all of the children I am planning to birth. Contact her with any concerns day or night- she even gives you the first consult free to tell you how she can customize your support. If you are on the fence about a doula- she will be the game changer! Thank you Leah for your endless support!

-Lily Pittsburgh,PA


Highly recommend Leah! I hired her a little later in this pregnancy, than I did with my first, because I thought a doula wasn't necessary. As I went on in the pregnancy, I decided I needed to hunt for a doula. I met Leah and instantly knew she would be a great fit. Her personality is just fabulous! As we got closer and closer to my due date (and beyond) communication with her was effortless. Her recommendations and actions while I was pregnant, in labor and after were perfect. I feel that Leah's attention to detail truly made my birth so much better than I could have expected. I expressed my wants and needs for my birth and she wonderfully delivered! If you're looking for a doula, she's your girl.

-Kaleena Jacksonville,FL



I am a home/birth center midwife and have had the honor of working with Leah not only at births but with activities in the community. Leah has a heart of gold and strives to bring community everywhere she goes. She's light-hearted and passionate about people. Her knowledge and experience of birth is a gift to any family looking to have her support them as a doula.

-Sharon, CPM, Jacksonville

Leah is such a kind and passionate soul and any one who chooses her as their doula is sure to have a phenomenal birth experience. She will go above and beyond to ensure that you are well taken care of. Do yourself a favor, meet with Leah. You will not regret it.

-Jennifer Jacksonville, FL

I loved Leah! I didn’t have a doula until my third trimester because I live in Starkville, where there aren’t many doulas. the only ones I did find either were unavailble, way too expensive, or didn’t have enough experience. so I had given up for a while. However as time got closer, the more desperate I got for one, and started looking outside my area. that’s when I found Leah. She had A lot of experience, good reviews, a reasonable price, and, most importantly, was willing to travel to Starkville for only $50 extra! I loved being able to text her before labor to get to know her and become more comfortable with her, and she answered any questions I had. She educated me on membrane sweeping and her experience with it when I showed interest in a sweep, and when I decided to get one, she traveled all the way to Starkville to be with me and meet my doctor because she said sweeps were painful and she wanted to support me and to meet my doctor. So sweet! She was very helpful during my labor when it came to making decisions. She talked me through all my options, gave me her recommendation based on previous experience and how I was acting, and let me make my choice. If I had questions or wanted something, but was to afraid to ask the nurses, she would do it for me, if I asked her to. Afterward, at the post parfum visit. She talked to me about how breastfeeding was going and gave me advice as a certified lactation consultant. She also asker about my birth experience and we got to talk through it, which was very helpful. She’s very good at replying to calls or messages promptly and she is almost always available. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a laid back, fun, and supportive doula!

-Sylvia Starkville, MS


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LEAH! My family and I struggled so much with determining whether or not we needed a doula and I’m so glad we decided for it. Words can not encompass the amount of professionalism, sacrifices, and etiquette that Leah presented us with in our troubling times leading up to the birth. She swooped in with the courage and speed of Wonder Woman(wonder doula)when we were faced with the possibility of not being able to have our at home birth. She was a pillar of support through adverse times and everything I could have dreamed of! I can not express enough my love for her and how grateful my family are for her selflessness! She has helped educate me in ways no other could. Such a great soul! I highly recommend her NO questions asked! She has been there every step of the way in MORE ways than one. In ways that I couldn’t even think she could be! I am forever grateful for the love, support, lessons and help she has bestowed upon my family! I don’t think I could love her any more. Thank you Leah!!!!

-Totiana Jackson, MS

I am a Chiropractor that works with the birthing community frequently and met Leah that way. From the beginning, her passion for the birthing community and her determination to support and empower women showed in her work and in how much time and effort she puts into every single client (and non-client). Leah has been an essential part of my circle of birthworkers and an excellent resource for anything pregnancy, conception and post-partum. Highly recommend her!!!

-Dr. Cristina, Chiropractor, Jacksonville, FL


I absolutely love Leah! She is extremely supportive and always only a text or call away with my concerns and questions. She has really helped me postpartum and throughout my pregnancy. This is definitely a doula you want by your side every step of the way!! I’m located in Flowood MS so if you’re near me, choose her :)

-Alexus, Flowood, MS


We absolutely LOVED having Leah as our backup doula. Under unfortunate circumstances my original doula got Leah to step in at the end of my pregnancy. Anytime I had any type of question she was reachable via text or phone call. I didn’t actually meet her until I was in labor bc baby girl came 3 weeks early and we hit it off right away!! She had me up and moving around through all my contractions and helped me do any position I wanted as I tried to rest. She presented me with the facts and told me of her experiences when I needed to think things through. We had one rough spot in my labor when my water broke that was handled amazingly when they thought the worse had happened. Thankfully things settled down! She got me through to the end reminding me that I could do it when I was screaming I couldn’t. It didn’t just stop there when baby girl was 8 days old I finally let on that I had a constant headache she urged me to go to urgent care and met me up there and stayed until I was discharged since my husband had to stay home with our other children. We were beyond blessed to be paired up with Leah and definitely will be telling all our friends about her!

-April, Madison, MS

I loved Leah! LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEDDDDDDD HER! She was so amazing and on top of everything. She was just perfect! I was in labor for 12 hours but I promise it didn’t feel like it. My birth didn’t even go according to plan but she was there to reassure me that it was okay and that I would still have the most memorable birth and that it’ll all be worth it in the end. If I had to do it all over again, I would want her there. No doubt.

-Akilah, Jackson, MS


Leah provided me with the birth experience I was seeking after a rather traumatic first birth experience with my first son. During this pregnancy, she was very attentive and available to answer questions or address concerns. And she remained upbeat and encouraging in the last days of pregnancy when I was having a hard time enduring pregnancy. Although I had a precipitous birth she traveled and arrived to meet me at the hospital. She provided great suggestions and was so valuable during the delivery. I’m so glad I chose Leah as my doula. The support she provided was just what I needed. Thank you Leah!

-Rachel, Vicksburg, MS

My name is Duvi and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. This is my first baby and I wanted things to be just right with my little sweetheart so I did as every tiger mom would I scouted out Doula's and OB for months. I finally found Leah in Mississippi and although at the moment I lived in Texas, she was able to walk me through the entire process and was very helpful without even being signed on yet as my Doula. My husband and I moved from Texas and I met with her at a cute coffee shop around the corner. We sat there for hours talking about everything and anything, i was only 27 weeks and i needed to know everything. I signed my contract and as she promised kept up with me from that moment on. At 28 weeks i went into labor unexpectedly and I thank God for sending me Leah to keep everything in order when my whole life was a complete mess. She went above and beyond for our family and kept me grounded when I was as scared as can be during this moment. We had just started to try to go over a birth plan that I didnt even get a chance to type up when all this happened. It was all perfectly planned by God that we were able to sit at that coffee shop for hours because I had basically gone over my birth plan with her and she was able to communicate that with the attending doctor and nurses that were there. My OB was not on call during that weekend and I wasnt even able to deliver with her but thanks to Leah I was able to get the delivery I wanted to the best of their ability due to the circumstances at hand. Although she was only 28 weeks along we were able to do as little intervention as possible and as much delayed cord clamping for optimal oxygen delivery to the baby as could get. I was very pleased with the way things went given the situation. Thank you so much for everything that you did, I really felt blessed.

-Duvi, Ridgeland, MS